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20+ Astonishing Paper Art Examples

Art has always been a source of inspiration and one of the best leisure time activities. It inspires not only the person indulged in any kind of art but also others viewing it. Today the topic of my post is various forms of paper art. Paper is employed as the basic unit in these art

25+ Spectacular Pictures of Earth

Earth is the only planet of solar system where life exists. Some evidences of life have also been found on other planets like mars but nothing has been said for sure. A lot of investigation and research is yet to be done to explore more about other planets and find out the conditions there. Nearly

25 Fascinating Pictures of Birds

Birds are no doubt one of the uncountable best creations of the Almighty. The chirping sound of the birds at the time of dawn is the best sound we ever hear. They get up early in the morning and worship Him and then set out in search of food to feed their infants. There are

20+ Amazing Dolphin Fish Photographs

Dolphins are one of the most human friendly animals. These are marine mammals and are warm blooded animals. There are more or less forty species of dolphin varying in sizes from 1.2 meters to 9.5 meters. Their weight ranges from 90 pounds to 10 tons, quite huge. A group of dolphins is called a ‘school’

30 Fascinating and Fantastic Vintage Photography

Vintage photography is special kind of photography. In this style the photos are taken such that they present an old look or appear to be taken in olden times. It is all about color effects and saturation. Many people are inspired by the vintage photographs as this effect imparts uniqueness to the photo and a

30+ Wonderful And Amazing Pencil Drawings

Art and designs are the sources of inspiration for everyone of us. The most common drawings are pencil drawings. People like to draw sketches with pencils. To be an artist having a creative mind is basically a God gifted talent, but for people interested in designing and artwork art classes are held by professional and

30 Smart and Classy Horse Pictures

Horses are one of the fastest animals on earth. Usually the speed of a horse depends upon the breed of horse but the average speed of a horse is said to be approximately 70 km/h. Horses are used for racing and also kept as pet animals. The place where horses are kept is particularly called

20 Attractive and Delightful Fish Pictures

Fish is an aquatic animal. It is cold blooded animal and allows its body temperature to change with change in surrounding temperature. It belongs to the group of animals called vertebrates, the organism that have internal skeleton made up of bones. Different kinds of fish are found in abundance in sea and rivers. Dead remain

30 Captivating Colorful Parrot Pictures

Parrots are one of the most colorful and beautiful birds. In short they are the charm of a zoo and they are also being kept as pet birds. They fly high and look really beautiful in the sky. In forests you can find plenty of wild parrots. There are a lot of kinds of parrots.

35+ Valuable Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom is something that doesn’t come with age, it comes with intelligence. It is said that a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. Wisdom is a supreme quality not very common in common people. A wise person earns respect while a foolish person loses his respect as every other moment in every aspect