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25 Famous Free Movie Fonts

Watching movies is one of the best leisure time activities. They give you entertainment at least possible effort. Going to a cinema with your friends to watch a latest hit is always a preferable hang out for youngsters. If you are feeling low you would get cheer up. If you do not wish to go

40 Fresh Free Photoshop Textures

Photoshop textures give a fresh look to your photos. Using these textures, you can totally alter a picture. There are various Photoshop textures available. It is diverse software which enables you to do whatever you wish to your picture, design your photo, and give desired effects and all that. Photoshop tools are easy to use

30 Google Plus Icons And Icon Set For Blogs

G plus is a very vast platform introduced by Google for the purpose of sharing and interacting. It makes sharing possible more like sharing in real life. You can make your profile on G Plus and start sharing. You can make pages for your websites and blogs for getting followers for it and hence increase

30 Best Facebook Icons For Designers

Facebook was launched in February 2007 as a social networking website. It connects people from various parts of the world at one place where they can interact with each other in the best way. Facebook is a very wide platform where you can share your stuff with your friends or all the public. You can

30+ New Photoshop Backgrounds For Designers

 Photoshop is a graphic designing software made by Adobe System. It consists of many tools relating to editing a picture in different ways. Adobe has released many versions of adobe Photoshop. It has two types of its versions. 1. Adobe Photoshop 2. Photoshop Extended version, which has some extra features like 3D image editing tools

25 Best And Cool Photoshop Effects

Adobe Photoshop is not a new name for a person interested in graphic designing or for all those persons involved with multimedia. We can see the usage of Adobe Photoshop in many fields like web designing and poster designing. Even developer uses it for the designing of their interface of applications. It is the most

30 Cool Tremendous Inspiring Designs

Designers grasp the world within their fist through their designs. As the time is passing, the field of designing is progressing manifolds. The reason for this progress is the interest of young and talented people in this field. They are well aware of the latest technologies and new ideas which help in designing. It was

Take 30+ Designs Of Vector Backgrounds

Hi Viewers this is my first post on take designs. Hope you will enjoy my blog. The first topic on my blog is on vector background. Most of the designers want some new stuff in their designs. So this post is especially for those. First of all what are vectors? What is the purpose of