30+ Stunning Royal Crown Designs

Crowns are a symbol of royalty. Since the times of Royal Empire crowns have been a symbol of honor and pride. The Kings and Queens were crowned. Crowns for king and queens were made using the rarest and most expensive stones all over the world. The uniqueness of crown is very important for them. There are many kinds of crowns all over the world. Some are quite expensive. Crowns are embedded with very expensive and rare stones. The most expensive and unique crown in the world is owned by Queen Elizabeth. It consists of four half arches. It is made up of platinum and embedded with a beautiful Koh-i-Noor Diamond and many other precious stones.

Now-a-days crowns are being awarded in different competitions like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss USA, Miss UK, Miss Brazil and other like these. Crown increase the grace of a person and certainly glorifies a woman’s beauty. In various cultures the trend of wearing a Wedding Crown on wedding is also seen. The bride wears a beautiful, delicate crown which enhances her beauty. Without a crown bride looks incomplete. Crowns are separately made for every purpose for example a king’s crown will be different from a queen’s crown and a different styled crown is made for a bride. Princess and fairies also wear crowns. Handmade crowns are also gaining popularity. Girls love to wear these crowns in parties which look very elegant.

Today I am going to present you a beautiful collection of various kinds of crowns in our showcase. These are admired by all of us. We’ll be looking forward to your feedback. Take care!!


















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