30 Photoshop Cartoon Character Tutorials

We think that it is difficult to make cartoon designs. But the fact is that if you know Photoshop and illustrator you can design your own cartoon characters. For this you have to be more creative than normal routines. Making cartoons that are already been design is easy then making your own new cartoon characters. If you designed a cartoon that is new and creative and are liked by cartoon makers then your work will be greatly appricieated.So try to design your own designs rather than copying others content.When you start a new character design it must be kept in mind that you have to take ideas of the characters that are already been design. Just take ideas not the whole characters. This will help you that how your cartoon characters will look like. These characters are mostly used in animated cartoons that are loved my not only children’s but also youngsters.

Today I have shared top tutorials on cartoon characters. By following these you can get idea to design cartoon characters. I shared how to design minion,old man,mushroom,plane,cat,robot,koala mascot head,ninja,yeti,emo,panda icon,hippo,rabbit ,mascot man,car ,cartoon magician,Sampson,monster,business man mascot,panda ,penguin,red-haired boy,pirate,owl and fish.

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Design a Despicable Me ‘Minion’

Best tutorial to design minion

cartoon character tutorial

Creating Line Drawings

Find how to create cartoon by line drawing

cartoon character tutorial

 How To Create A Cute Vector Mushroom Character

Design your own mushroom character

cartoon character tutorial

Create an A 10 Warthog, Character

Design plane cartoon

cartoon character tutorial

Create a Tiger Striped Cat

Design tiger cat

photoshop tutorial


How to Make an Animated Paper Robot

Now by this it is easy to design robot

photoshop tutorial

How to Design a Cheeky Koala Mascot Head

Design cheeky koala mascot head

photoshop tutorial

Create A Simple Vector Ninja Character

Simple tutorial to design ninja character

photoshop tutorial

Create a Cool Vector Panda Character

Cute panda character tutorial

photoshop tutorial

 How To Create A Cool Vector Yeti Character

Vector yeti character can be design by this

photoshop tutorial

How To Illustrate A Cute Emo kid

Do you want to design Cute emo kid,Check this one

photoshop tutorial

Create A Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

Cute Panda face icon

photoshop tutorials

Create Simple Cartoon Characters In Photoshop

Cute Funny Character can be made by this

photoshop tutorials

How To Create A Cute Hippo Character

Cute Hippo Character

photoshop tutorial

 How To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit

Most popular cartoon character rabbit can be designed by this one

photoshop tutorial

 Create A Character Mascot

Best mascot design

design cartoon

 Create A Cartoon Car Similar To Cars Movie

So you want to design car,check this

design cartoon

 Drawing A Cartoon Magician

Cartoon magician can be made easily by this.

design cartoon

Drawing Homer Simpson

Simpson is now easily made by follow this tutorial

design cartoon

 Create A  Cute Furry Vector Monster

Furry purple vector monster can be made by this

design cartoon

Create A Cute Vector Monster

Green vector monster

design cartoon

 Design A Business Man Mascot In Photoshop

Business man mascot


 Create A Cute Cartoon Penguin Poster

Cute penguin poster tutorial

cartoon tutorial

 How To Create A Fun Red Haired Boy Character Screencast

Cute red-haired boy character tutorial

cartoon tutorial

 Draw A Pirate Character In Photoshop

Popular pirate can be made by this

cartoon tutorial

Monster Character

Monster character can be made by this

character tutorial

 Create A Vector Pirate Cartoon Character

Another best method to design vector pirate cartoon character

character tutorial

Dynamic Gradient Techniques

You can make owl by this

character tutorial

 How To Create Your Own Cartoon Character

Fish cartoon tutorial

character tutorial

 How To Create A Vector Character Logo

Create your own cartoon logo design

character tutorial


  1. By Ali Rehman

  2. By Ali Rehman