50+ Exceptional Designs of Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter is one of the most used and most famous social networking website. It is very popular among the people relating to every field and every age group especially the youth. No doubt twitter is the best platform to interact with the people in your life. Search for your friends and just click the ‘Follow’ button to start interacting with your loved ones. You will feel happy to be connected to them via the most amazing social network. You can also follow your favourite celebrity, your favourite designer’s brand, your favourite athlete, your favourite game, your favourite business icon and top brands on twitter as they all are the part of this one of the biggest social networks. Twitter has a user friendly interface and you don’t have any difficulty in using twitter even if you are using it for the first time. You easily get used to its features and applications. Or should I say that you get addicted to it due to its charm. Being on twitter is the best way to connect to the world and to know what is happening around the globe. Sharing on twitter is quite easy. Wherever you see some amazing stuff on any website worth to share, you can share it with your friends in just one click. On all the websites you will see the twitter button which allows you to ‘share on twitter’. Further you can share any link or any message you want to convey in terms of ‘Tweets’ which may consist of 140 characters. You receive the tweets of people you follow on your home page. According to an estimate 340 million tweets are generated on twitter each day. Knowing this figure one can conceive how much popular in the world this social network is.

Twitter provides a lot of features; you can customize your twitter profile the way you like. For this there are lots of twitter backgrounds available on internet. You can use them for your profile. But you may not found classic yet modern backgrounds for your twitter account anywhere else except in my today’s post. Do check out these and give your profile a new stunning look. You will be amazed to see how the whole look of your profile changes. Tell me which background you love the most and also provide feedback regarding my post. Also see Street Art Designs on my blog. Have a great day!!

1.White Bird

twitter backgrounds


twitter backgrounds

3.Painted Bird

painted bird

 4.Nice Background

nice background

5.Twitter Birds

twitter backgrounds

6.Nice Color

twitter backgrounds

7.Lovely Bird

lovely bird

8.Black Background

twitter backgrounds

9.Black Bird

black bird

10.White Bird

twitter backgrounds

11.Crazy Bird

crazy bird

12.Nice Background

nice background

13.Follow Me

twitter backgrounds

14.Dark Blue Bird

twitter backgrounds

15.Brown Leaves

brown leaves

16.Beautiful Green Background

beautiful green background

17.Cute bird

twitter backgrounds

18.Amazing Background

amazing background

19.Night Background

night background

20.Smileys Background

smileys background

21.Beautiful Pink Background

beautiful pink background

22.Nice Combination

nice combination

23.Nice Design

nice design

24.Rainbow in the Sky

rainbow in the sky

25.Music Background

music background

26.Sea Animal

sea animal

27.Funny Background

twitter backgrounds

28.Nature Background

nature background

29.Fifa Background

fifa background

30.Football Background

football background

31.Grey Background

grey background

32.Cute Faces

cute faces

33.Owl Background

owl background

34.Nice Background

twitter backgrounds



36.Best Background

best background

37.Lining Background

lining background

38.Bubbles Background

bubbles background

 39.Tweet Me

twitter backgrounds

40.Small Sparrow

twitter backgrounds

41.Vector Background

vector background

42.Circles Background

circles background

43.Beautiful Design

twitter backgrounds

 44.Numeric Background

numeric background

45.Cool Background

cool background

46.Best Background

best background

47.Text Background

text background

 48.Classic Background

classic background

49.Beautiful Blue Chicks

twitter backgrounds

50.Beautiful Background

beautiful background

51.Hearts Background

hearts background

52.Nice Lines

nice lines

53.Simple Background

simple background

54.Twitter Buttons

twitter backgrounds

55.Abstract Background

abstract background

56.Cute Bird

twitter backgrounds

57.Twitter Bird

twitter backgrounds

58.Cute Bird

twitter backgrounds

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